Investigators: Roger Mann, Frank O. Perkins, Ian K. Bartol, James Wesson

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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  • Small-scale patterns of recruitment on a constructed intertidal reef: the role of spatial refugia / Ian K. Bartol & Roger Mann --
  • Small-scale settlement patterns of the oyster Crassostrea virginica on a constructed intertidal reef / Ian K. Bartol and Roger Mann --
  • The importance of small-scale spatial and temporal variation in C. virginica growth and mortality on constructed intertidal reefs / Ian K. Bartol and Roger Mann --
  • Temporal and spatial patterns of growth and mortality on a constructed intertidal reef : results from a year-long study / Ian K. Bartol and Roger Mann --
  • Progression of diseases caused by the oyster parasites, Perkinsus marinus and Haplosporidium nelsoni, in Crassostrea virginica on constructed intertidal reefs / Frank O. Perkins.


Submitted to the Commonwealth of Virginia, Dept. of Environmental Quality, Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Programs



Oysters -- Virginia; Reefs -- Virginia; Intertidal ecology -- Virginia



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