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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Center for Coastal Resources Management (CCRM)

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Guidance to promote Comprehensive Resource Management is being prepared pursuant to recent amendments to the Code of Virginia. Effective July 1, 2011, The “Living Shorelines Bill” SB 964 (2011) amended §28.2-1100 of the Code of Virginia and added §15.2-2223.2 and §28.2- 104.1 to the Code. Beginning in 2013, Section 15.2-2223.2 requires local governments to include a Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Plan prepared by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in the next revision of their comprehensive plan. The guidance cultivates long-term sustainability for shoreline resources with consideration of current resource condition, priority planning, and forecasting of projected sea level rise impacts into the future. Under this guidance, the use of living shorelines as a preferred approach for stabilization of tidal shoreline is encouraged. The “guidance” communicates to stakeholders (including local governments) the policy of the Commonwealth with respect to living shorelines, identifies preferred solutions for erosion control, and defines the risks and benefits of shoreline management strategies in an integrated comprehensive manner.