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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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This report is an update of a study made in June to mid-august 1979. This study was made by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science of the College of William and Mary for the Department of Highways and Transportation, Suffolk, Virginia. The previous study provided: 1) a description of the shellfish resource prior to construction of a new bridge; 2) an estimate of the value of the oysters and shell on leased areas within the right-of-way; and 3) a basis for a later study after construction to evaluate possible environmental changes.

Since 1979 the Commonwealth has purchased the right-of-way and the VMRC has opened it to public fishing. There is no shellfish resources in the right-of-way. Therefore, the study describes the present shellfish resource in the adjacent leases, within 600 ft. of the center of the bridge, which might be affected by construction activity.


Conducted for the Virginia Dept. of Highways and Transportation, projects 6017-061-104, RW-201, and 6017-046-103, RW-201



Shellfish -- Virginia -- Chuckatuck Creek, Oysters -- Virginia -- Chuckatuck Creek