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The Delaware River and Estuary flow through or border four states, New York,11 New Jersey"' Pennsylvania and Delaware. The use of their waters is intimately connected with the economies of each State. The use, however, is varied and different for each State. Any major change in the conditions of the river and estuary, while it may benefit one or more States, may also create conditions detrimental to others. The river from headwaters to Marcus Hook furnishes water used mostly.for domestic and industrial purposes. In the lower part of the river and estuary is the environment that supports the oyster, a natural resource utilized in an important food industry. The Interstate Commission on the Delaware River Basin and the New York Board of Water Supply are proposing to increase the utilization of the Delaware River water supply. Their plans, which include diversions, impoundments and releases, will result in diminution of the volume of fresh water flowing into the estuary. To what extent is this diversion likely to affect the welfare of the oysters by altering their environment? This paper is a report on a study conducted to answer that question.


Oysters -- Delaware Bay (Del. and N.J.), Oyster culture -- Delaware Bay (Del. and N.J.)

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Publication of the U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service.



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