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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Marine Advisory Program (MAP)

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Fishery Resource Grant FRG 2011- 04


During this past season we purchased roughly 261,602 lbs of Ray from several fishermen with an average weight of 33 lb. The original goal was to purchase 200,000. Lbs, from fisherman. Do to some large landings we reached the goal with more then 2 months left in the season. Having developed good retail sales through Wegamns we continued to buy Ray to try and keep this market open. This accounts for approximately 8,000 Rays when added to the Rays purchased from other packing companies around the Bay. Of 47 separate purchases directly from fisherman, 9 of these were between I 0,000 and 20,000. Lb. landings. While this is great for the fisherman it is not possible to get this large of a catch processed without markets for whole frozen wings. We continue to search for this whole frozen market but have not had any orders for whole frozen wings in 4 years. This means that during the large landing much of the ray are discarded and not processed. We are in the process of working with fisherman to establish a maximum landing limit per trip in order to prevent needless waste.


Cownose ray, marketing



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