Jeffrey Hammer

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Marine Advisory Program (MAP)

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Fishery Resource Grant FRG 2010- 13


The purpose of this project was to determine if a device to capture live flounder could be designed and built, to catch effectively. Six FDC's were constructed, two each, of three different funnel designs. The three types of FCD,s were then placed in the water, on april I st 20 I 0, at three different locations. The FCD,s were fished, once per day , for 60 days. The locations were rotated, to give each type of funnel an equal chance. The type of funnels are as follows, # I and 2 were horizontal 2" x 12", # 3 and 4 were inverted elliptical funnels, " stretched in the horizontal direction" and # 5 and 6 were conventional finger funnels " ve11ical stretched".


Flounder, fishing gear



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