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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Marine Advisory Program (MAP)

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Fishery Resource Grant FRG 2008-05


Two different types of bait holding devices were tested in the Virginia conch pot fishery. Bait envelopes (modified bait bags as currently used in the fishery) and bait cups filled with one quarter female horseshoe crab were tested within commercial trap lines. Catch totals per treatment traps were compared to catch from traps using bait bags baited with one half female horseshoe crab. Three hundred and twelve envelopes and 311 cups were tested against 553 and 536 bait bags, respectively. No significant difference (P>.05) in catch between bait bags and envelopes was observed. Average catch was reduced using bait cups, providing for significant (P<.05) differences statistically between bait bags and bait cups. Potential bait longevity as a result of small gastropod scavenging was observed with use of envelopes due to the small mesh size employed. Neither envelopes nor cups provided noticeable difference in bait longevity as the result of sea lice, which freely entered each device and consumed bait.


Fishing gear, conch



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