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In the realm of environmental impact assessment and analysis the effects of a proposed project are most often referred to in the subjunctive sense because of the qualifications and probabilities related to these postulations. Seldom does the opportunity present itself to follow a project to fruitition and beyond to, in fact, determine the validity of the assumptions made in arriving at the potential impacts of a project. Even less often is it possible to monitor a project from prior to construction to several years after the project has been completed to ascertain the exact nature of the projects impacts, compare pre- and post-project conditions and verify with some certainty the predicted impacts. The present study of the channelization of Cabin Point Creek is one such opportunity.


Introduction. -- Shoreline and inlet studies / R. J. Byrne and G. R. Thomas. -- Wetlands vegetation studies / W. I. Priest and G. M. Silberhorn. -- Water quality studies / B. J. Neilson. -- Summary. -- Appendices.



Dredging -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia -- Cabin Point Creek



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