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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Thermal plume ichthyopla~kton sampling during November and December 1976 was cancelled since Units 1 and 2 of VEPCO Surry Nuclear Power Station were non-operational due to refueling. In lieu of the thermal plume ichthyoplankton entrainment program, a sampling program to estimate mortality from mechanical damage was initiated.

Four sampling sites were selected for determination of quantity and condition of organisms entering and leaving the plant. Sites were selected at points preceding and following critical areas where the likelihood of damage was greatest. Net .sets were made using a 0.5 meter paired net apparatus. All sets were at bottom strata to maximize catch of postlarval and juvenile croaker, the dominant species during the sampling period.

Specimen condition was ranked into three categories; alive, stunned, and dead. Relative specimen condition; e.g. swimming upside down, broken in half, etc., was also noted. Replicate samples were examined after a time lag to determine latent mortality,if any.


Special Report: Pilot Project in Conjunction with Ongoing Ichthyoplankton Entrainment Study



Fishes -- Mortality -- Virginia -- James River Estuary, Nuclear power plants -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia -- James River