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Initial documentation of spawning activity of striped bass in the tidal freshwater portions of Virginia rivers was provided by Tresselt (1952), Massman et al. (1952, 1962), Rinaldo (1971) and Merriner et al. (1980). Recently, a series of pilot ichthyoplankton surveys of these habitats has resulted in data describing patterns of abundance of eggs and larvae in three separate rivers during three separate years: the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers in spring 1980 (Grant and Olney 1981); the James River in 1981 (Grant and Olney 1982); and the Rappahannock in 1982 (Olney et al. 1983). These surveys were conducted in response to the objectives of the Emergency Striped Bass Study (Chafee Amendment to the Anadromous Fish Act) and have provided spatial and temporal details of spawning activity (Figures 1-4) used in the preparation of management regulations promulgated by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. more ....



Striped bass -- Spawning -- Virginia -- James River, Striped bass -- Spawning -- Virginia -- Pamunkey River