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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Directed research on the status of sea turtles in Virginia has been carried out by VIMS personnel since May 1979. Our efforts in 1979 (supported in-house) primarily comprised a documentation of sea turtle mortalities in the state. This. work was expanded somewhat in 1980 thru a small Fellowship Stipend from N.M.F.S, to support the thesis work of Molly Lutcavage. In 1980 Molly analyzed the 1979 mortality data, continued to monitor strandings, and began a tagging program in cooperation with selected poundnet fishermen. Also in 1980 we began an evaluation of sea turtle nesting in Virginia with the support of another Fellowship stipend from the City of Danville Virginia and E.P.A. awarded to Richard Byles. I will provide a brief summary of each of these sub-projects.


Sea turtles -- Virginia