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This investigation was initiated from discussions among members of the Minerals Management Service-Virginia Task Force in an effort to locate a nearby and offshore source of beach-quality sand for the resort strip at Virginia Beach. Because of the increasing difficulty of relying upon land-based material, attention has been focused on investigating offshore sources. Previous work (Kimball and others, 1991) suggests an offshore deposit of beach-quality sands is located on a shoal between 3 and 8 km east of Sandbridge. Planned vibracoring on this shoal during the fall of 1993 should establish the viability of the sand occurrence. Although material from this site could . be used to nourish the resort strip, the dredging and transportation costs for an offshore resource would be decreased if another source could be located closer to the strip.


Sand -- Virginia -- Virginia, Sand -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach Marine sediments -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach

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