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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Oyster reefs provide habitat for a variety of macrofauna species. Our studies focused on the relationship between oyster tissue biomass density and reef-associated macrofauna biomass density. Studies were conducted in 2015-2017 and sites encompassed the majority of the area in which restoration activities were conducted with the Harris Creek Oyster Sanctuary in Maryland. Results presented in this report focus on: 1) interactions between oyster biomass density and season in determining macrofauna biomass, 2) responses of macrofauna to oyster biomass densities below “threshold” levels (0-14.9 g DW m-2) and between threshold and “target” levels (15-49.9 g DW m-2) defined in the success metrics for the Harris Creek restoration effort, 3) the role of tray-scale (0.1 m2), plot-scale (10 m2), and reef-scale oyster biomass density in determining associated macrofauna biomass, and 4) larger scale patterns in macrofauna biomass density within the creek.



Oyster reefs, macrofauna



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