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Wachapreague Inlet, a large downdrift offset inlet in the barrier island complex of the mid-Atlantic coast (Delmarva peninsula), was studied during the period 1971-1974. The inlet channel width is bout 500 m and the throat cross-sectional is about 4,500 m2 • The inlet channel is about 3 km in length, approximately one-half of which is within the well-developed horseshoe shaped ebb delta complex. The maximum channel depth is 20 rn which occurs at the throat. Elements of the study included: (1) the inlet morphornetric history (120 years), (2) assessment of surficial and sub-bottom sediments within the inlet complex, (3) determination of the distribution of tidal flows within the inlet channel, (4) determination of the zone of influence of inlet hydraulic currents along the face of the updrift barrier island and (5) the determination of the response of the channel cross-sectional area to short-term variations in wave activity and tidal prisms. (more...)


Ocean currents -- Atlantic Ocean -- Wachapreage Inlet

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