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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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  • Effects of by-catch reduction devices (BRDs) on commercial crab catch / Will Bennett --
  • A study of habitat type and its effects on juvenile blue crabs / Robert Isdell --
  • Macrobenthic production and food web structure in shallow tidal freshwater habitats, including beds of Hydrilla verticillata / Courtney Wickel --
  • Studying and comparing Chesapeake Bay 3-D hydrodynamic models / Leslie Bland --
  • Effects of shoreline development and upland usage on multiple trophic levels in Chesapeake Bay / Elizabeth Gomez --
  • Responses of tidal freshwater plants to increases in salinity / L. Zoe Almeida --
  • Trace metal cycling in an algal floway system / Nyanza Rothman -- The effect of nutrient depletion on biomass accumulation and species in a natural algal community / David Fryxell --
  • Effects of current and bioturbation on sediment reduction oxidation / Angelina Haines --
  • Using AUVs to monitor oil in the water column / Molly Martin.



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