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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Collections were made January through December 1988 using a 30 1 semiballoon trawl at 48 stations randomly selected each month, using equal allocation, from twelve geographical strata superimposed on a sampling frame of 16,730 possible stations uniformly distributed throughout water~ 12 feet deep in the Virginia mainstem Chesapeake Bay. The twelve geographical strata superimposed on the spatial sampling frame divided it into longitudinally-equal Upper, Middle and Lower Regions, each subdivided into four cross-bay regions, an Eastern Shore Littoral (12-30'), a Western Shore Littoral (12-30'), a Central Plain (30- 42'), and Deeps(> 42 1 ) .


Fishery resources -- Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.), Fishes -- Seasonal distributio



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