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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Past studies of the lowerr York River have shown that dissolved oxygen (D .O.) concentrations decline in the summer months, occasionally falling one mg/ 1 near the bottom in deep water (Brehmer,1970; Jordan,1973) . Due to this apparently natural phenomenon the Virginia water quality standards for D.O. in estuaries (4.0 mg/1 allowable minimum, 5 .0 mg/1 minimum daily average, U.S.. E.P.A,1971), are not met during this period . Therefore additional waste-water discharges into the lower York River will not initiate violation of the standards, but may exacerbate the existing situation by extending the area and the time period affected by D.O. depletion . Background data on these two aspects of the problem are necessary in evaluating the ability of this portion of the river to assimilate a wastewater effluent . Accordingly the present study was undertaken to determine the pattern of D.O. fluctuation in the lower York River in the summer of 1974.



Water -- Dissolved oxygen -- Virginia -- York River