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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The Small Coastal Basins portion of the Hampton Raods 208 study area includes the Back and Poquoson Rivers on the Virginia Peninsula and Little Creek Harbor and the Lynnhaven Bay system on the southern shore of Chesapeake Bay, as shown in Figure 1. The drainage areas are characteristically small, ranging from only 63 square kilometers for Little Creek Harbor to 156 sq. km,for the Lynnhaven Bay system. All four basins lie entirely within the geological Coastal Plain Province, the low lying area between the Fall Line and the Atlantic Ocean. The soft sediments typical of this province erode easily, so that the rivers have branching or dendritic patterns. Because the topographic relief is slight and the drainage areas are small, none of the basins has continuous free flowing tributaries typical of larger estuaries. The u. S. Geological Survey has no stream gaging stations within the Small Coastal Basins area. ....



Water qualilty, Virginia, Back River, Poquoson River, Little Creek Harbor, Lynnhaven Bay