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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The progress on the Virginia multi-disciplinary study of the Scyphozoan jellyfishes ( Aurelia aurita, Chrysora quinquecirrha, and Cyanea capillata) of Chesapeake Bay is herein reported. During this second (and unanticipated final) year of this program, the studies pursued primarily two lines of endeavor which integrated the different procedures developed in the course of the program. The underlying assumption for the laboratory investigations has been that the key to controlling nuisance jel]yfish populations lies in the understanding of the reproductive processes of the sessile polyp. With respect to field endeavors,, a concerted effort was made in order to detail those environmental parameters which are associated. with the strobilation process , and the release, development, and maturation of ephyrae into mature medusae, including possible sources of nutrition. Although Hurricane Agnes disrupted several scheduled laboratory studies, efforts were redirected in order to more thoroughly study its effect on the entire lower Chesapeake Bay with respect to jellyfish populations



Scyphozoa, Jellyfishes -- Control -- Virginia