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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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During 1963 , the Virginia Institute of Marine Science conducted a series of tests on oyster drill control with formulations of "Polystream", a chlorinated hydrocarbon and "Sevin", an insecticide .

The utility of these two compounds had previously been investigated by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Long Is land Sound, in the laboratory and in field trials on commercial beds. Several of these earlier fie ld studies indicated that the treatment prescribed was effective in drill control. Consequently, application was made to the U. S. Department of Agriculture for an " experimental permit." The permit was granted , laying the groundwork for further experimental field trials supervised by state or federal agencies.


Pt. 1. Treatment of planted oyster grounds -- Pt. 2. Treatment of shells to increase survival of set.



Oyster culture -- Virginia, Atlantic oyster drill -- Control



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