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Concern was raised by the NCESRP (1992) that since not much is known about the bottom communities around the Manteo 467 lease block, exploration activities could result in significant environmental disturbance. Therefore, the principal task of this study was to survey the sea floor of the Cape Hatteras continental slope in the vicinity of the Manteo 467 site prior tn any decision on permitting of exploratory drilling. The study objectives as listed in the scope of work are as follows:

1. Define the 'unusual benthic community' that exists offshore North Carolina which is at its peak in the vicinity of the proposed Manteo drill site and 'the Point.' The working definition shall be based on species composition and relative abundance. However, the definition must also consider the impact of physical oceanographic processes, oxygen levels, and sediment types and flux.

2. Using the Offshore Operators' Committee (OOC) model (MOEPSO, estimate the area between the 300- and 1,500-m isobaths which could be covered by the deposition of muds and cunings at the proposed drill site.

3. Survey the area of the Manteo site for the 'unusual benthic community' as defined in objective No. 1. The survey must include benthic mcgafauna as well as the infauna. 1


Volume I. Executive summary

Volume 2. Final report

Volume 3. Appendices.


Benthos -- North Carolina -- Hatteras, Cape, Marine invertebrates -- North Carolina -- Hatteras, Cape, Benthos -- North Carolina -- Hatteras, Cape Marine invertebrates -- North Carolina -- Hatteras, Cape, Offshore oil industry -- Environmental aspects

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Prepared for U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Atlantic OCS Region. OCS study ; 93-0014



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