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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The Town of Colonial Beach occupies a peninsula between the Potomac River and Monroe Bay. Approximately 2.5 miles of the shoreline is publicly-owned. Two areas on the Potomac River have been enhanced as recreational beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Central Beach is located just south of the Town Pier and is the main recreational beach. Castlewood Beach is south of Central Beach near the entrance to Monroe Bay. Mean tide range is 1.64 ft while the spring range 1.94 ft (NOAA,2011).

Specific shore change is addressed at Central Beach and Castlewood Beach through recent beach profiles. Beach profilestaken in January 2011 and July 2011 were compared to previous profiles. Change in beach volume was quantified. Aerialphotography taken in February 2001 were rectified in GIS to compare to previous aerial photos.



Shoreline Management, Constructed Beach, Colonial Beach, GIS