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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Dredging and land reclamation are two of the potentially most damaging activities that man undertakes in estuarine areas. Hampton Roads, the world's largest natural harbor, is a multiple use port, being a major center for fishing and shellfishing, transportation, recreation and industrial sitings. Dredging which is a necessary perpetuation for some of these activities, could be directly or indirectly detrimental to others. It is in such a multiple use situation that environmental alterations, real or potential, must be carefully planned and closely monitored. Projects of the type underway can cause changes in circulation, water depth, turbidity, and patterns qf siltation, all of which can be damaging to the living components of the estuarine system. (more ....)



Dredging -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia -- James River Estuary, Dredging -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia -- Hampton Roads (Harbor)