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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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This study was initlated in response to a request by SEAS to review their technical recommendations concerning the fertilization of tidal salt marshes and determine whether those recommendations are sound in light of current scientific knowledge. The intention of this analysis was to determine whether benefits are derived from applying nutrients to marshes, and if so, whether those benefits outweigh the costs associated with the potential pollution of Chesapeake Bay's tidal waters.

To provide insight into the effects of adding fertilizers to salt marshes, the scientific literature was examined from four perspectives:

1) the dynamics of ·nutrient cycling in natural marshes,

2) the effects of nutrient loading (fertilization) on natural marshes,

3) the effects of nutrient enrichment on planted (man-made) marshes, and

4) the effects of marsh fertilization on adjacent estuaries.



Salt marshes -- Effect of fertilizers on -- Virginia, Constructed wetlands -- Effect of fertilizers on -- Virginia