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The William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research (WMCAR) conducted archaeological data recovery on portions of Sites 44GL171 and 44GL177, which lie within the boundaries of the proposed Environmental Toxicology and Pathology Research Center (ETPRC) building on the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) campus from April 24, 1995 to July 6, 1995.

These sites are located within the Gloucester Point Archaeological District.Data recovery from Sites 44GL 171 and 44GL 177 provides a rare glimpse into a turbulent period in the history of Gloucester Point. The pictures of Gloucester Town that emerge from this research illustrate economic prosperity and decline during the first half of the eighteenth century, and short-term military occupation during the Revolutionary War. These events had profound effects on Gloucester Town's residents and late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century settlement in the town.


Report submitted to the VIrginia Institute of Marine Science by the William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research.

Provides historical context, survey methods, artifact inventory, faunal inventory and bibliographical references.


Gloucester County (Va.) -- Antiquities, Gloucester County (Va.) -- Antiquities Excavations (Archaeology) -- Virginia -- Gloucester County

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