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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The City of Hampton Beachfront and Storm Protection Management Plan (Waterway Surveys, VIMS, and URS, 2011) provides a conceptual plan for the placement of structures along Hampton’s shoreline (Figure 1). The Shoreline Studies Program (SSP) at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) provided the original shoreline modeling used for this plan in 1999. The modeling was used to provide guidance on structure placement for management of the entire beach fronting shoreline. The City has built three of the structures in the Plan along the public beach at Buckroeand presently is planning to design and construct the recommended breakwater in the Salt Ponds Reach. Since much of the original modeling and conceptual planning was performed before structures were placed along the shoreline and existing shore conditions have changed, updating the modeling component is necessary in order to better site the breakwater. Using present conditions, the modeling results can be used as guidance to maximize storm protection, minimize downdrift impacts, and better manage sediment transport. The purpose of this project is to recommend a structure position that will fit with the City’s goals.



Shoreline Management, Chesapeake Bay, Hampton, VA



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