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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Dermocystidium marinum, a fungus parasite common in oysters on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, suddenly dissapeared at the beginning of the marsh and bay system of' the outer Virginia coast. No D. marinum was found on the outer coast (Seaside) although temperatures and salinities seem to be optimal. Introduction of populations of infected oysters seem to lose the dieease, but individuals do not. What seems to be a water derived inhibitor was found in a few water samples collected at Wachapreague on the Seaside. Comparable inhibition was not found in Chesapeake Bay water. The inhibitor is difficult to demonstrate and its nature is uncertain. It is suggested that the inhibitor may keep the disease from invading Virginia's outer bays.


Unpublished manuscript from the H.D. Hoese collection. Observations and studies from the Eastern Shore Laboratory in Wachapreague and region.