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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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During the period June 20 -- August 18, 1960, the writer was engaged in survey of the ecological makeup of oyster communities on both the bay side and the sea side of the two Eastern Shore counties of Virginia. Most field studies were made during the regular trips to check mortality in oyster trays at 3 sea side and 6 bay side stations. Some collections were also made during trips to examine planter's beds, or on special collecting trips. Records of previous collections by Mr. H. D. Hoese are also included. Most of the material collected during the current summer has not yet been sorted out for study: this report is based on (1) Hoese's records (2) my own field notes, made at the time specimens were collected, and (3) laboratory study of a few groups, mainly encrusting Bryozoa and sponges.


  • A brief Description of Eastern Shore Waters, with Notes on Hydrography and the Fisheries. H.D. Hoese
  • Various observations and notes by Hopkins.



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