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Rainfall from tropical storm Agnes caused the salinity of the major estuaries entering the Chesapeake Bay to be drastically lowered. Bottom sediments normally subjected to 10 to 15 salinities were under fresh water. Heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants adsorbed to these bottom sediments were undoubtedly mobilized. These once "stored" concentrations were augmented by the massive amounts of erosional products which created a high pollution potential. in shellfish in the Chesapeake Bay. For this reason the Virginia Institute of Marine Science asked for and received financial assistance from the Food and Drug Administration to assess the changes in heavy metal concentrations in the eastern oyster, (Crassostrea virginica) as a result of Agnes.


A final report submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, Bureau of Foods, Division of Shellfish Sanitation


American oyster -- Effect of heavy metals on -- Virginia, Heavy metals -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia



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