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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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A method for performing in situ nutrient enrichment experiments on natural likeJ)liytoplankton ccmmunities was developed and evaluated. One set of experiments in which it was employed was designed to detect limiting nutrients and to provide a basis for predicting future experiment results. Productivity increased in response to all three of the treatment variables used, N, P, and EDTA, but response patterns varied from experiment to experiment. Individual species responded differently to different treatments, and interactions among the treatment variables were important in shaping the community responses to mixtures of two or three variables. The most consistent features of the productivity results were incorporated into a "most probable response pattern," which was partially validated by a second series of experiments.


Prepared for Office of Research and Monitoring, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Limnology -- Technique, Phytoplankton, Primary productivity (Biology) -- Measurement



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