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Introduction Timberneck Creek is located in Gloucester County, Virginia (Figure 1). It is a long, but narrow creek that empties into the York River. The mouth is a wide embayment, but farther north, the creek narrows to about 400 ft wide and extends for about 2 miles to its marshy headwaters. The interior of the creek is irregular with many very small lateral creeks/marsh drainages emptying into the Timberneck. Timberneck Creek has never been dredged and a federally-defined channel does not exist at the site. As a new dredging project, the channel design must balance safety, economic, and sustainability requirements. The channel also must be wide and deep enough to safely accommodate vessel traffic but not so large as to require excessive dredging or habitat modification (Figure 2). (...)



Timberneck Creek, Gloucester County, Dredge, Channel, Volume



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