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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Compilation of 20 unpublished reports and notes on the oyster disease MSX, arranged in chronological order from 1959-1965.

  • Notes on oyster mortality --
  • Status of Delaware Bay disease of oysters in Chesapeake Bay area --
  • Epidemiology - general --
  • Status of epidemic diseases of oysters in Virginia--
  • Summary of oyster mortality and disease work at the Virginia Fisheries Laboratory for 1960 --
  • Notes from talks with Haskin and Carriker at Shallow Water Conference --
  • Brief summary of disease studies in Virginia for 1961 --
  • Status of diseases of oysters in Chesapeake Bay -- Table 1: Samples of Incidence data for MSX-- Table 3: Synopsis of SSO occurrence on Eastern Shore, 1960 --
  • Notes on Mortality Conference, Solomons, Maryland -- Fifth Annual Mortality Conference, Oxford, Md: Notes on disease studies in Virginia--
  • Marine scientist indicates decline in oyster deaths due to MSX--
  • Thumb-nail sketch of seasonal MSX activityin Virginia--
  • Notes on oyster mortality studies in Virginia (prepared for Sixth Annual Mortality Conference, New Brunswick, N.J.) --
  • Seventh Annual Mortality (Pathology) Conference: The life cycle of MSX-unknown --
  • Seventh Annual Mortality (Pathology) Conference: Some thoughts on significance of MSX to Virginia oyster industry --
  • Notes on life cycle of MSX-- [List of publications, reports and handouts]

Listed in table of contents but not included in volume: The shellfisheries of Virginiain flux; Graphs showing Distribution of MSX, Seasonal mortalities and prevalences in annual cycles, Monthly mortalities in tray-grown susceptible oysters at Gloucester Point, and Occurrence of MSX and mortalities from early-summer and late-summer importations of disease-free James River oysters.


Oysters -- Diseases -- Virginia, Oysters -- Diseases -- Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.), Haplosporidium nelsoni



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