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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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VIMS Eastern Shore Laboratory Technical Report No. 10.


Virginia (VA) landings data were requested from VMRC (Table 1) and analyzed by Richard Snyder at VIMS ESL. Landings data reflect where seafood entered market systems, and so may have different origins that will blur categorizing economic activity ascribed to the act of harvest and the act of processing for market. For example, almost all menhaden are landed in Deltaville, VA, some of the conch/welks and dogfish recorded for Accomack may have originated elsewhere to be processed in Wachapreague, and visiting Maryland crabbers early in the season contribute to blue crab landings. Shellfish data (oysters and clams) are separated as “public” and “private” to indicate the origin of the shellfish on public grounds or on private lease grounds. Aquacultured oysters and clams are embedded in the “private” designation, which includes harvest of wild shellfish on private leases, hatchery-based extensive culture (spat on shell), and intensive aquaculture (containerized).



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