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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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  • Examining Contemporary Method for Monitoring the Flux of Volatile Organic Carbon across Air-Sea Interface / Alexandra Badia
  • The Potential for Using Macroalgae for Bioremediation in Clam Aquaculture Sites / Julianne Decker
  • Fish Community Composition in Zostera marina Habitats: Local and Global Comparisons / Nicholas Hernandez
  • Comparison of length-weight relationships for three fish species from the James, York, and Rappahannock rivers / Drew Howard
  • Functional diversity of mesograzer communities in eelgrass ecosystems / Akela Kuwahara
  • Modified Circumpolar Deep Water Variability in the Ross Sea /Dylan O'Connell
  • Numerical Modeling of Continental Shelves / Daniel O'Hara
  • Impacts of shoreline development on bivalve communities in Timberneck Creek, VA / Heather Richardson
  • Salt Marsh Dynamics: Assessing vegetation along the York River / Jessica Sahu Teli
  • Development of a Habitat Suitability Index for the Eastern Oyster (C. virginica) in Piankatank River, Virginia / Seth Theuerkauf
  • Spring-neap variation in fecal pellet properties within surficial sediment of the York River estuary / Emily Wei
  • Does bioturbation by bivalves influence burial of Zostera marina seeds? / Sara Wilson


Funded by the National Science Foundation.



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