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Compilation of 29 reports written between 1955 and 1984 summarizing the oyster industry and oyster research programs in Virginia.

  • Notes on Seaside Oystering, 13-14 October 1955
  • A Report on the Eastern Shore Drill Survey of 13 and 14 October 1955, William J. Hargis, Jr.
  • The Seafood Industry of Eastern Shore, October 1956,
  • Summary of Effects of Channel Dredging on Oyster Production in James River, 28 September 1966
  • Notes on Mortality Conference and Conflicts with Oxford Biologists, 5 December 1967
  • Objectives in MSX Research, 27 December 1967
  • Memorandum J. D. Andrews to John Wood on Pond Disease, 7 March 1968
  • Letter J. D. Andrews to Victor Sprague, 18 March 1968 on oyster diseases
  • Notes on MSX Program in Virginia, 3 December 1969
  • Programs of Research for J. D. Andrews, 30 December 1968, J. D. Andrews
  • Notes on Oyster Diseases, A Workshop at VIMS, 3 & 4 April 1972, J. 0. Andrews
  • A Program for Moderating the Effects of MSX on the Virginia Oyster Industry, 5 April 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Notes for Shellfish Management Policy Symposium (Menzel's "Rules & Regulations" Symposium) (Notes for talk on Virginia at symposium, Williamsburg), 15 June 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Program to Respond to Agnes Flood, 30 June 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Budget for Oysters on Agnes Flood, 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Letter William J. Hargis, Jr. to Russell T. Norris on Agnes Flood costs, 3 July 1972
  • Operation Agnes Objectives, 16 July 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Summary of Seed-Oyster Rehabilitation Program, 16 July 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Oyster Disease Takes a Holiday in 1972 (MSX Fails in 13th Year), J, D. Andrews
  • Criteria for Closing Out Oyster Trays, 17 February 1972, J. D. Andrews
  • Post-Agnes Status of Oyster Predators, 3 January 1973, J. D. Andrews
  • Notes on Shellfish Convention, New Orleans, 25-28 June 1973, J. D. Andrews
  • Changing Usage of James River Seed-Oyster Area, 5 January 1979, J. D. Andrews
  • Oyster Setting Gradients in Virginia Estuaries, Summary of Results, 6 July 1984, J. D. Andrews
  • Postscript on the Corrotoman River as a a Seed-Oyster Area, 17 August 1984, J. D. Andrews
  • Expanding the Seed-Oyster Production in the Rappahannock River Area (Seed-Oyster Potential of the Corrotoman River, 1950)
  • The Status of the Oyster Industry in Virginia, 1985, 5 March 1985, J. D. Andrews
  • Comments on Dredging Shell Deposits for Oyster Cultch, 21 February 1963, J. D. Andrews
  • The Radcliff Shell-Dredging Problem in Chesapeake Bay


Oysters -- Research -- Virginia, Oyster culture -- Research -- Virginia, Oyster fisheries -- Research -- Virginia



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