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1. The Rappahannook River probably never did get a consistent set of oyster spat.

2. In the year 1941 occurred the best set in recent years. No quantitative data.

3.The set for 1942 was practically nil.

4. The set for 1945 was very small or none.

5. The 1944 set was probably the second best in recent years with an average of 176 spat per bushel for the whole river.

6. No set of consequence occurred above Towles Point· in 1945, and a very light set occurred below this point.

7. Limited records indicate a year similar to 1945 for 1946.

8. 1947 set averaged 44 spat per bushel with scarcely any above Towles Point - still a very poor set.

9. The 1948 set was again poor and followed the pattern for 1946, 1946, and 1947. Early spat counts give an average of 30 spat per bushel for the whole river.

10. The setting rate progressively decreases from the lower to the upper oyster bars of the Rappabannock River.


Oysters -- Virginia -- Rappahannock River



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