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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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This report summarizes the biological data collected from January through June 1975 in the river and phytoplankton entrainment portions of the VEPCO Surry Power Plant Study. The sampling program conducted during this period in the Hog Island area of the James River consisted of an expanded version of a study initiated in May 1969 to monitor certain aquatic communities that could be affected by the operation of the power plant. The river phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos and fouling organism communities have been included in the past and present study designs. The phytoplankton entrainment substudy was begun in April 1975 with the objective of providing a direct assessment of the impact of passage through the power plant condensers on the abundance and species composition of the entrained algal community.


Phytoplankton -- Virginia -- James River Estuary, Zooplankton -- Virginia -- James River Estuary



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