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Translation series (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 29


Captures of deep-sea fish in waters of the American Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Bahama-Bermuda region of the Atlantic Ocean prior to our work were performed by a series of expeditions: Coast and Geodetic Survey of the USA ("Blake," 1877-1880), New York Zoological Society ("Zaca" and "Arcturus," 1929-1931), Bingham Oceanographic Laboratory of Yale University, USA ("Pawnee," 1927), the Danish Carlsberg Foundation ("Dana," 1920-1922 and 1928-1930), Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, USA ("Oregon," "Oregon II" and others between 1950 and 1960), and the University of Miami ("Pillsbury," 1969). However, only the latter of these expeditions working in the region of the Puerto Rico Trench, outside the limits of the American Mediterranean Sea, carried out investigations in depths exceeding 4000 m.


Translation of: Pridonnye glubokovodnye ryby, sobrannye v 14-m reĭse NIS "Akademik Kurchatov." In: Kompleksnye issledovanii͡a Karibskogo mori͡a, Meksikanskogo zaliva i sopredelʹnykh vod. 1975. (Trudy Instituta okeanologii im. P.P. Shirshova ; t. 100). M. Eric Anderson, translator.


Fishes--Caribbean Sea. Deep-sea fishes--Caribbean Sea.

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