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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Molluscan Ecology Program

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Oyster--Monitoring, Oyster fisheries--Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.), Oyster fisheries--Virginia, Oysters--Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.)

metadata_Molluscan_Ecology_01202023.pdf (97 kB)
Metadata: Project Information

Dredge_2022_alldatasheets.pdf (6379 kB)
Dredge: all data

Dredge_site_info_2022.xlsx (35 kB)
Dredge: Site information

GreatWicomico_2022_shellstringdatasheets.pdf (31885 kB)
Great Wicomico shellstring datasheets

James_2022_shellstringdatasheets.pdf (22653 kB)
James shellstring datasheets

Piankatank_2022_shellstringdatasheets.pdf (33323 kB)
Piankatank shellstring datasheets

Shellstring_site_info_2022.xlsx (34 kB)
Shellstring site information

Shellstring2022_alldata.xlsx (52 kB)
Shellstring: All data

Dredge2022_alldata.xlsx (30 kB)
Dredge: All data



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