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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Data report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 14.


Plant geography and water quality data were collected in shallow water near Cape Charles and Occohannock Creek, Virginia on two occasions. Data from April, 1978 included hydrography, distribution and abundance of -submerged aquatic vegetation, phytoplankton census, and water clarity data. Data from May, 1978 included hydrography, phytoplankton census, water clarity, and primary productivity data. The May data collection was coincident with an overflight of the NASA JSC C-130 aircraft (6600 m) acquiring color infrared photography and multispectral scanner data; cell concentrations reached 105/ml, chlorophyll~ 72 pg/1, and suspended sediment 94 mg/1. i



Water Quality, Phytoplankton, Sea Grass, Chesapeake Bay, VA

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We thank the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center for partial support of these studies (Purchase Order Numbers L 75241A and L 79904A).



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