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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Project 51419, Task 14

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Center for Coastal Resources Management (CCRM)

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Virginia continues to make significant progress in the development of a comprehensive wetland regulatory program and continued refinement of our wetland monitoring and assessment tools for use in management decision-making and integration within our water quality programs. This project focused on development of strategies to integrate management of wetlands across the landscape and among different jurisdictions sharing the same waterways. This project will increase the potential for protection and restoration of wetlands, but also include the added value of potentially improving impaired waters in Virginia. Project activities specifically addressed all of the priority elements in Virginia’s approved Wetlands Program Plan (2015-2020). The project extended the current online Virginia Wetlands Condition Assessment Tool (WetCAT) to include both tidal and nontidal wetlands, as well as nontidal wetlands vulnerable to changing participation patterns. The project established coordinated bi-State wetland management by providing comprehensive watershed level maps of wetlands in waterways shared by both Virginia and North Carolina. It provided a statewide floristic quality assessment tool for better analysis of wetlands in the field. Finally, the project provided continued landuse/wetland calibration for wetland condition models and developed strategies to increase sampling accuracy while reducing sampling costs. Finally, existing outreach strategies continued targeting local government decision makers and the public.




Wetlands, Management tools

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Submitted to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3, Wetland Development Program Grant


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) #BG983+25-06-0



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