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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The Catlett Islands are located approximately 35.2 kilometers (21.9 miles) from the mouth of the York River in Gloucester County, Virginia (Figure 1) and represent mesohaline conditions (8-18 parts per thousand (ppt)). The Islands lie within the lower estuarine reaches of the York River and are offshore of Timberneck Farm between Timberneck and Cedarbush Creeks on the north shore of the York River. They are separated from the Farm by tidal wetlands and creeks. The islands consist of parallel ridges of forested wetlands surrounded by extensive saltmarshes. The purpose of this project is to assess shoreline rates of change, estimate area of land loss over time, estimate change in upland tree line position and area, and describe habitat zones based on elevation.



Shoreline Evolution, Virginia, Gloucester County Gloucester County (Va.)



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