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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Translation series (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 31


This sixth of a series on monogenetic trematodes from the Southern Pacific Ocean discusses five species of Monogenea from Australian waters. Polylabris carnivonensis n. sp., from the gills of Leiognathus fasciatus, and Polylabris sigani no. sp., from the gills of Siganus ormin, are described. Polylabris sillaginae (Woolcock, 1936) n. comb and Gonoplasius carangis Sandars, 1944 are redescribed. In order that comparisons can be made between Australian and New Zealand populations, Kahawaia truttae (Dillon and Hargis, 1965) Lebedev, 1969 is briefly I described.


English version of the paper first appearing in the Russian language periodical Zoological Journal (Zoologicheskiy Zhurnal) Volume 62, Number 6, pp. 821-828, Moscow, 1983.



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