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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Translation series (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 26


The purpose of this report is to establish relationship among individual groups of parasitic flatworms, namely, among monogenetic trematodes (Monogenea), digenetic trematodes (Digenea), tapeworms proper (Cestoda), and the so-called Cestodaria group (AMPHILINIDAE and GYROCGTYLIDAE). The attempt to establish the above-mentioned relationships is made to a variable degree for different groups. The main point of this report is the establishment of phylogenetic relationship in the Monogenea, not only for the entire group as a whole, but also for the individual families which are members of this group. We feel that another important point is our attempt at clarifying the phylogenetic position of the GYROCOTYLIDEA group which until very recently has been puzzling in many respects.


Originally published in Izvestiia Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriia Biol. (IV, p. 1353-1383, 1937). Maria A. Kassatkin and Serge Kassatkin translators; John E. Simmons, editor.


Platyhelminthes. Helminths.

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