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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special Papers in Marine Science; No. 4.


As an aid in understanding the complexity of Virginia's oyster industry and its problems, a general review of the catastrophic decline in Virginia landings follows.

Table of Contents:

Chapter I. Oyster Culture in Virginia - Past and Present

Chapter II. Extent and Characteristics of Oyster-Growing Grounds--Public and Private

Chapter III. Oyster Production in Virginia--Past and Present

Chapter IV. The Condition of the Public Oyster Rocks in Virginia

Chapter V. Economic Conditions of the Virginia Oyster Industry

Chapter VI. Repletion

Chapter VII. Methods of Management of Virginia's Oyster Resources

Chapter VIII. Yield of Oysters

Chapter IX. Predators and Diseases

Chapter X. Bacterial and Industrial Pollution and the Oyster Industry

Chapter XI. Production, Harvesting and Processing

Chapter XII. Summary of Laws in Atlantic and Gulf States Related to Oyster Management

Chapter XIII. Summary and Recommendations



Oyster fisheries -- Virginia; Oyster culture -- Virginia

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