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Virginia’s Coastal Resources Management Program is a networked program bringing together the activities of many state agencies and institutions to achieve the overarching mission of coastal zone management. The Program’s objectives were originally set out in a series of 25 goals in the 1986 Executive Order (see Appendix B) that established the Program for the Commonwealth under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act. Beginning in May of 1999, representatives of the Virginia state agencies involved with the networked Coastal Program attended a series of meetings to develop logic maps of these twenty-five goals. This document represents the final results of these efforts, which took place over a two and a half year period. The goals which were mapped are the results of early efforts to reformulate the goals to better fit today’s social, economic and environmental objectives, and as such include several rewrites and one combination of two of the original goals, resulting in a total of 24 mapped Program Goals.



Coastal Zone Management, Monitoring, Program Planning, Wetlands

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This report was funded, in part, by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and by the Virginia Coastal Resources Management Program of the Department of Environmental Quality through Grant # NA97OZ0181-01 of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resources Management, under the Coastal Zone Management Act, as amended.



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