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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special report in applied marine science and ocean engineering ; no. 276.


The objectives of this study were:

1. to determine the areal extent of discharged materials within each of the rivers using the aluminum:silicon ratio as an indicator;

2. to evaluate the benthic invertebrate communities within each of the rivers;

3. to determine whether there are differences in the productivity of the benthic algal and planktonic communities which can be attributed to the discharge of alum sludge in each river;

4. to evaluate the condition of the marsh communities in each river near the filtration plant;

5. to review historical biological data for the Poquoson and Warwick Rivers and to relate the biological communities within these two systems to communities in subestuaries not receiving alum sludge discharges;

6. to evaluate the probable sediment yield from the drainage areas of the two reservoirs in the absence of a dam using the STORM model;

7. to identify mitigation alternatives and evaluate their ecological implications.



Biotic communities -- Virginia -- Poquoson River; Biotic communities -- Virginia -- Warwick River; Water quality -- Virginia -- Warwick River; Environmental quality; Alum -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia

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