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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Virginia Sea Grant

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Special Report in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering No. 356.; Virginia Sea Grant Publication no. VSG-99-11.


This document describes and illustrates specific, practical responses to shoreline management issues. We will begin with a look at the evolution of the Chesapeake Bay and its ongoing, long-term processes. We will proceed to a discussion of the daily, physical mechanisms that affect shoreline change and the topics professionals address in evaluating sites. We will then discuss strategies for managing shorelines, such as bulkheads, seawalls, revetments, groins, breakwaters, beach nourishment, and marsh fringes, as well as taking no action. Finally, we will give you a framework to apply these ideas in terms of the physical environment at the site and the applicable shoreline strategies.



Shoreline Management, Shoreline Erosion, Habitat Preservation, Chesapeake Bay


Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Virginia Sea Grant College Program Sea Grant Contract # NA56RG0141, Virginia Coastal Resource Management Program #NA470Z0287



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