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1. In the Spring 1988, 2,145 striped bass were tagged in the James River.

2. The mean size of striped bass tagged in 1988 (351.6 mm) was 117.9 mm smaller than mean size in 1987. The difference may be due to different locations and times of tagging.

3. The dominant age group in 1987 was the 1982 year class but in 1988 the dominant age group was the 1984 year class. This difference may also be accounted for by different locations and times of tagging.

4. The exodus of the mature fish out of the river after spawning and th8 absence of a commercial fishery resulted in only 34 tag returns from the Spring 1988 tagging. This proportion (0.016) of returns is small relative to the proportion of returns in previous tagging programs in the Chesapeake Bay when escapement was low due to high fishing pressures. There have been six returns from waters outside of Virginia when both 1987 and 1988 James River tagging releases are combined. Days-at-large range from zero (0) to 694, with 54% of the returns occurring within 60 days after release. vi



Striped bass -- Virginia -- James River; Striped bass fisheries -- Virginia -- James River



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