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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special report in applied marine science and ocean engineering ; no. 317.


This report describes and documents the theoretical and computational aspects of a three-dimensional computer code for environmental fluid flows. The code solves the three-dimensional primitive variable v1ertically hydrostatic equations of motion for turbulent flow in a coordinate system which is curvilinear and orthogonal in the horizontal plane and stretched to follow bottom topography and free surface displacement in the vertical direction which is aligned with the gravitational vector. A second moment turbulence closure scheme relates turbulent viscosity and diffusivity to the turbulence intensity and a turbulence length scale. Transport equations for the turbulence intensity and length scale as well as transport equations for and a dye tracer are also to pressure, salinity, concentration. salinity, temperature, suspended sediment and a dye tracer are solved. An equation of state relates density temperature and suspended sediment concentration.



Fluid dynamic measurements -- Computer programs; Environmental hydraulics -- Computer programs; Hydraulics



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